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The Contingency Connection coordinates race-marketing promotions for sponsors and manufacturers on-site at all Contingency Connection tracks and racing series, making it the largest, most effective way to promote products and services at the grassroots racing level.

Sponsors and manufacturers simply sign up for ONE turn-key program and they receive NATIONAL exposure directly to target end-users all over the USA and Canada. Contingency Connection cuts through the clutter of other marketing programs by directly linking sponsors to fans, racers, engine builders, and machine shops.


In the past, it has been virtually impossible for marketers to reach the masses of weekly grassroots racers and spectators through any one form of advertising. The Contingency Connection has made it possible to promote products directly to the vast array of racers, spectators, engine builders and machine shops; through product certificates, track signage, public address commercial announcements, and decals on thousands of racecars.

Nearly 100 participating manufacturers market and advertise over 200 products directly to end-user target customers through Contingency Connection. Collectively, sponsors bring nearly $10,000,000 in cash and product certificates to this one of a kind, NATIONAL, racing awards program.

Marketers of NON-performance oriented products are also gravitating to this untapped market as well. Beverage, truck accessory, and apparel companies are also using the event-marketing plan of the Contingency Connection to reach the masses of consumers at the grassroots level. If you have a product or service to promote to weekly racers, engine builders, machine shops, their family members, friends and spectators that attend weekly racing events; Contingency Connection can distribute it or promote your brand in nearly 100 target markets throughout the country TODAY! We have a tried and tested, results-generating, PROVEN marketing program READY TO ACTIVATE for your business exposure needs!

For marketers of ANY product or service that need an effective, affordable, and simple way to reach the weekly grassroots race market... The Contingency Connection IS THE ANSWER!


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!st Place  BIG PAYOUT WINNER Brad Zygaj from Buffalo NY driving a 68 Chevy Nova 6.80 _ 96 MPH

What the Contingency Connection can do for you…


  • Design and Administer Special Event Program Sponsorships to include car shows, off-road racing, motorcycle shows, banquets etc.

  • OFFICIAL Product Sponsorship opportunities and programs to promote a single product as the OFFICIAL product of the Contingency Connection.

  • Apparel Sales Opportunities

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS- Facebook, Instagram, Flickr

  • Competitive advantage and continued added value through year to year broadening of markets and racing categories. (i.e. Circle, Dirt, Paved, Drag, Tractor Pull, Off-road, Diesel, Mud Bogs, Sand Drags, Import, and Motorcycle)

  • Track Signage and Banner Rights- Valuable on-site track exposure in key markets

  • Website- Links-Video and advertising opportunities. The Contingency Connection website is a “One Stop Shop” for weekly racers nationwide

  • Advertising and Editorial coverage in purchase and trade ads in national magazines, local track newspapers, flyers, mailings, signage, decals etc.

  • Display Rights/ Promotional Tickets / Credentials for customers, employees and local promotions at all member tracks

  • Track Publicity- Regional/Local exposure in newspapers, programs, brochures

  • PA Announcements- Studio produced 30-second public address commercial announcements at nearly 1500 events promoting sponsor products/services to thousands of racers, spectators, engine builders, and machine shops

  • Sampling and Literature distribution rights at all Contingency Connection tracks and traveling series

  • Coupon Distribution rights- Bounce back coupons distributed at tracks and series directs customers into retail outlets to buy specific products

  • Circle, Dirt, Paved, Drag, Tractor Pull, Off-road, Diesel, Mud Bogs, Sand Drags, Import, and Motorcycle Programs broaden sales opportunities and attract more racers, enthusiasts, and tracks to the Contingency Connection!

  • Decal Exposure- Season long advertising with decals on race cars and tow vehicles keeps the positive momentum of your involvement going year after year!

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Contingency Connection, fill out the contact form below and Jackie Ressa will contact you with additional information and contracts!



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