Melling Performance Parts recognizes Grassroots Racers, Fans, Shops, and Weekly Tracks & Series with the

2018 Melling Performance Race Weekends Across America Tour!

Melling Performance will host “Melling Race Weekends Across America” at all Contingency Connection Grassroots Tracks & Series in appreciation of their loyal racers, fans, and shops across the USA!


Contingency Connection Tracks & Series will designate ONE (1) event in the month of August as “Melling Race Night” and Melling Performance will ship a $1000 retail Promotional Package with gifts and awards for Racers, Track Officials, and Fans to each qualifying Contingency Connection track & series!


RACER Awards-

Each Track & Series will receive the following for (2) Race Winners

$150 Melling Performance Product Gift Certificate
(1) Melling Performance T-shirt
(1) Melling Performance Hat
(1) Melling Performance Cooler
(1) Melling Performance Can Koozie


Each Track & Series will receive the following for Track Officials and Staff:

(7) Melling Performance T shirts
(7) Melling Performance Hats

FAN Awards-

Each Track & Series will receive the following fan giveaways to boost attendance:

(18) Melling Performance Coolers
(48) Melling Performance Koozies
Melling Performance Decals
Melling Performance Pens
(2) Melling Performance Banners to hang up at the entrance Gate or around the track

*Contingency Connection and Melling will offer promotional and advertising support for Melling Race Weekend events on our websites and social media

* All quantities are approximate

August 23, 2018

 Melling winner #23 Bobby Schraam.

Melling Winner #27 Bob Papuga

 Melling winner Mike Smith

 Melling winner #20 Brian Taylor

 Melling winner #112 Mark Lushes

 Melling winner Mike Smith

 Melling winner #4 Joey Donaldson

 Melling winner #37 Spencer Stineman

 Melling winner #37 Spencer Stineman

 Melling winner #03 Bailey Delfosse

 Melling winner #24 Jeremie Wiggins

 Melling winner Billy Lundberg

 Melling winner Justin Courtney

 Melling winner #24 Jeremie Wiggins

August 20, 2018

Pro Late Twin 50s winner Cole Anderson

 Super Stock 50 winner Preston Hunt

 Bombers Twin 20s winner Dan Webb

August 12, 2018

Chris Walker (left) and Doug Smith won the Melling Race Weekend awards at Crossroads Dragway Aug. 11.

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