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Vores Compact Touring Series Joins Contingency Connection!

Steve Vore, owner of VCTS racing is pleased to announce that the Vores Compact Touring Series (VCTS) is joining Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards program in 2022. “We are thrilled to partner with Contingency Connection, a reputable company that has worked for hundreds of tracks & series across the country over the last 30 years. This is a huge step for VCTS—and it is ALL to benefit our drivers.”

Contingency Connection’s Jackie Ressa agreed, “Partnering with the Vores Compact Touring Series is a plus for Contingency Connection as well. Our sponsors are committed to making racing more affordable for grassroots racers nationwide. We intend to go over and above for VCTS racers and their track partners as well.”

VCTS will award the winners of ALL features at every 2022 VCTS race a Racer Rewards Contingency Book ($4000 value). Additionally, VCTS will offer a Racer Rewards contingency books to “ONE HARD LUCK driver” and one “LUCKY DRIVER” at each race as well. But that is not all—VCTS will offer midseason and end-of-season promotional awards in conjunction with Contingency Connection.

Dan Redmond Director of VCTS Racing stated a relationship with Contingency Connection will be a huge benefit for our drivers. With the current state of our economy and inflation, finding additional ways to help our drivers continues to be Steve Vore’s main goal for our prominent racing series. Contingency awards will give our racers the opportunity to save money on parts and equipment they need so they can race more often at VCTS Racing!"

For more information visit: Contingency -

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