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Kids Take Over Shady Bowl

DeGraff OH: (8/10): Shady Bowl Speedway was turned over to the kids, as the Bowl hosted “Kids Night”. There were big wheel races, penny scramble and a wrestling exhibition for the little ones. In addition book bags with school supplies (while supplies lasted). A big thanks to Cheri Mahaffey, Linda Young and Debbie Perry for setting up the event.

The action soon shifted to the race track. The Dave Nagel Excavating late models were led in qualifying by Xenia driver Ryan Fleming. Seventeen late models took the green flag to start the feature. The paced was slowed by two blown engines in the cars of Josh Smith and Brian Fries. Fleming got out front quickly and opened up a lead. It was the third trip to victory lane for Fleming in his Muffler Brothers ride. Jim Lewis Jr. powered his way to second, Don Mahaffey Jr., was third, with Matt Parsons fourth and Shaun Smith fifth. Josh Smith won the dash, with Shaun Smith and Jerry Stapleton taking heat checkers.

The Wooten Automotive Modifieds took to the track next. Greg Stapleton set quick time over the fifteen car field. Germantown driver Bill Burba fought his way to the front in his Platinum Express open wheeler. Burba was able to open a lead over Greg Stapleton he held until the checker flew. Greg Stapleton was second, with Jerry Stapleton third. Logan McPherson and Mike Carroll claimed fourth and fifth. Steve Snapp carried the checker for the dash, with Daniel McPherson and Carroll winning heats.

In the Amsoil Street Stocks Josh Sage led the sixteen car field in time trials. Buck Purtee of Quincy climbed into the “Flying Brick” owned by John Bennett for the 25 lap feature. Purtee held off Jason Mahaffey before he was able to build a slight lead enroute to the win. Mahaffey was second, with Rodney Roush third, Jeremy Wiggins fourth and Jason Drummond fifth. Roush won the dash, Wiggins and Chester Frazier first in heats.

In the Noble Armor Coating mini stocks eighteen cars took the green in the feature. Buck Purtee, this time behind the wheel of the “Baby Brick” claimed his second feature of the night. Fast qualifier and dash winner Jeremy Niswonger saw his winning streak stopped as he was second. Jimmy McElfresh was third, with David Asher fourth and Alec Young fifth. McElfresh and Kevin Baggett were winners in eight lap heats.

The Heath and Sons Farms Thundercars rounded out the night of speed. Frankie Oakes set fast time. The fifteen lap feature checker fell to Oakes. Alan Lambert, Joe Carroll, Scottie Marquis and Les Rhodes filled second thru fifth spots.

This Saturday will see the oval host the Bruce Meihls Memorial. The late models will run 65 laps. Crowd favorite Tim Ice will return behind the wheel of a Smith Motorsports racer. Lap sponsors are needed. If you want to get your business or name on the PA see the Facebook Shady Bowl site. Street Stocks, mini stocks and a 100 lap enduro are also scheduled. Racing at 7


Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models

Fast Qualifier Ryan Fleming 13.527

Dash Winner: Josh Smth

Heat Winners: Jerry Stapleton and Shaun Smith

Feature: 1. Ryan Fleming 2. Jim Lewis Jr. 3. Don Mahaffey Jr. 4. Matt Parsons 5. Shaun Smith 6. Burgess White 7. Paul Hazlett 8. Josh Smith 9. Jerry Stapleton 10. Brad Coons 11. Kenny George Jr. 12. Bill Cantley 13. Caleb Reschar 14. Dave Barnhart 15. Tyler Mahaffey 16.Zack Brandyberry 17. Brian Fries . Buddy Townsend (DNS) and Cody Robinson (DNS)

Wooten Automotive Modifieds:

Fast Qualifier Greg Stapleton 13.792

Dash Winner: Steve Snapp

Heat Winners; Daniel McPherson and Mike Carroll

Feature: 1. Bill Burba 2.Greg Stapleton 3. Jerry Stapleton 4. Logan McPherson 5. Mike Carroll 6. Buddy Townsend 7. Daniel McPherson 8. Scott Jones 9. Andy Bohn 10. Rob Dutra 11. Steve Snapp 12. Mike Schaeffer 13. Chris Parker 14. Kevin Doran 15. Greg Winget

Amsoil Street Stocks

Fast Qualifier: Josh Sage 14.574

Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winners: Jeremy Wiggins and Chester Frazier

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Jason Mahaffey 3. Rodney Roush 4. Jeremy Wiggins 5. Jason Drummond 6. Chad Small II 7. Richard Roush 8. Andy Heath 9. Nate Purtee 10. Jacob Heckman 11. Robert Roush 12. Rob Schaeff 13. Chester Frazier 14. Josh Sage 15. Chandler Little 16. John Hicks

Noble Armor CoatingMini Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Jeremy Niswonger 16.802

Dash Winner: Jeremy Niswonger

Heat Winners: Jimmy McElfresh and Keven Baggett

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Jeremy Niswonger 3. Jimmy McElfresh 4. David Asher 5. Alec Young 6. Ron Shelton 7. Rob Taylor IV 8. Randy Shannon 9. David Young 10. Jimmie Huffman 11. BJ Shoffner 12. Keven Bagett 13. Andrea Swink 14. Dustin Hughes 15. Nick Hall 16. Chase Lang 17. Rob Fraley. 18. Jeremiah English

Heath and Sons Farms Thunder Cars.

Fast Qualifier: Frankie Oakes 15.659

Feature: 1. Frankie Oakes 2. Alan Lambert 3. Joe Carroll 4. Scottie Marquis 5. Les Rhodes 6. Craig Borland 7. Andy Pine 8. Don Pyles 9. Patrick Woods

Frankie Oakes

Attached photos by Peggy Isaacs #1 Frankie Oakes winner of the Heath and Sons Farms Thundercar main #2. Quincys Buck Purtee won the Amsoil Street Stock main and the Noble Armor Coating mini stock features. #3. Germantown's Bill Burba won the Wootens Autumotive Modified feature #4. The Dave Nagel Excavating Late model was won by Xenia driver Ryan Fleming #5 Buck Purtee also won the Noble Armor Coating mini stock feature

Buck Purtee

Bill Burba

Ryan Fleming

Buck Purtee

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