Holley Releases Terminator Stealth EFI 2x4 Upgrade Components

Holley is pleased to announce the release of Terminator Stealth EFI 2x4 Upgrade Components, which allow those who already have a single Terminator Stealth setup to upgrade to a dual 2x4 Terminator EFI setup using the throttle body they already have. Ideal for converting a 2x4 supercharged combination to EFI, they provide the classic look of a Holley 4150 carburetor but with all the benefits of modern fuel-injection technology. Take your pick from three throttle body finishes (hard-core grey, classic gold, and polished), install the slave throttle body and plug-and-play main harness, and have a certified Holley EFI tuner/installer tune it with a laptop.

For full product details and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click "Save As"), click the following links: • Hard Core Grey Throttle Body Classic Gold Throttle BodyPolished Throttle BodyMain Harness Sub Harness

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