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“Over the past 12 months I have saved about $1,400 on purchases ranging from gauges to seats. The sponsor certificates from Contingency Connection pay better than most race wins!”


Keeping it Real--a racer's testimonial:

Dear Contingency Connection-
I must admit that the first few times I received a Racer Rewards contingency certificate book, I pitched them as I thought they were just the same as the stuff the mail order places send out.
Then last year, I happened to really look at it and realized it had the potential to save me some bucks on parts that I planned on buying. This past 12 months I have saved about $1,400 on purchases ranging from gauges to seats.
Among the companies I purchased from were Autometer, Hedman Hedders,Holley, MAHLE, Max-Fire Ignition, Melling, Taylor Vertex, ProCar Seats andSCAT (ProCar and SCAT have fabulous discounts!). I plan on buying a rotating assembly from SCAT within the next couple of months that will save about $800 considering their discount. These certificates from Contingency Connection pay better than most race wins!
Thank you and Thanks to all of the sponsors for this very valuable program.
Tom Butherus (Driver) Phyllis Butherus (Wife & Crew Chief)


The rest of the story...

From the altar to the altered!

"I love drag racing. Phyl likes drag racing, but she loves me."

Tom and Phyllis (Phyl) Butherus have been married for 28 years and racingblown altereds for 20 years. They have 5 children, 12 grandkids, and 5 great-grandkids. Their son, Daniel, also races--so racing is a part of their family on and off the track.

Tom began drag racing in 1964 progressing from stock “beaters”, to modified production and gassers, then in 1975, he began racing a Fiat altered built in 1968 by DJ Weinle of Cincinnati Ohio.
Phyl began her drag racing crew chief career in 1996 when they modified the ’32 Ford framed Fiat altered and put a 6:71 Littlefield blower on its 454 Chevy engine (Ironrodent) and replaced the Fiat body with a T bucket which they pretty much hand built. The “RudeRat” was born. 
Phyl's responsibilities include preparing everything (but the car) prior to events---and then doing everything Tom can't do during the events.  Tom summed it up best, “I love drag racing. Phyl likes drag racing, but she loves me. God bless her for what she has done, and sacrificed, for me.”
In 1997 they joined up with the Mid America 7.90 circuit and began fast heads up racing and were quite competitive in spite of being the only non-dragster in that group. After that circuit disbanded, they began racing with the Outlaw Fuel Altered group in 2000. They ran as quick as 7.52 at 182 with “RudeRat” but were not quick enough to be an OFA threat. For 2001, a new car was acquired and equipped with a RudeRat Racing 496 cube KB Chevy with Dart Heads (Alumirat) and a Mooneyham 14:71. “Rude Rat Too” was soon in the sixes at 200mph. Besides finishing in the top 6 twice with OFA, they won or runner-upped at a dozen nostalgia races with that car, including OFA, TBFA, RMS andEddyville’s WFAN. By 2012, it was time to slow down a bit, and Rat 2 was sold.
They say don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened. But it isn’t over!  Rat 1 was dusted off, the frame modified (the driver still sits on a section of the original 32 Ford frame rails) and both engines, Ironrodent and Alumirat, with the original blocks,cranksand heads, are still in use, just a bit detuned.
“We plan on running until we are out of parts -or- OUR parts are worn out! Good friends, good times, and great memories.”   Tom & Phyl



















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