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Track Showcase: Kinross Speedpark

Contingency Connection What type of racing do you promote? Average car count? Number of fans weekly/annually? Gerry Liscumb Jr. (Volunteer - Director of Race Day Operations): Stock car racing. 40-50 cars in three divisions on regular nights. 400 fans in main grandstands per night, increases to 800+ in main grandstands on :fair night and for our year-end Memorial Invitational.

CC: Is your track/series a family business? If so—tell us the roles/duties of various family members?

GL: Our facility is proud and honored to be 100% powered by volunteers. Every single official, "staff" member volunteers their time to keep local short track racing ongoing in Northern Michigan and at our facility on behalf of our promoters (DBA) Fox Boyz Racing.

CC: What is most unique about your racing program? (i.e. What is your best-selling point to attract fans?)

: We have been in operation since 1995 providing fun, family entertainment to race fans in the Twin Sault GLArea's. One of the most unique factors is the ability to easily draw fans and competitors from both sides of an international border.

CC: Besides weather, what is the biggest obstacle you face each year?

GL: Honestly, fan count. With the advancement of technology - cell phones, realistic video games etc. I believe a common struggle for facilities is to attract the teenage fans. I believe we have a firm grip on the children (11 and under) and adults and seniors but need to appeal and get the teen demographic larger.

CC: How important are contingency awards for your racing program? Helping racers? Car count? Profitability?

GL: I love the partnership with Contingency Connection and their member businesses. I believe not only does it provide a great unique incentive to our racers but also ties our facility and racers in with major corporations in the motorsports industry.

CC: What do you like most about the Contingency Connection Racer Rewards Program?

GL: Dealing with Ronnie and Jackie. Although I have never met them personally - I consider them part of the family. Speaking to them about our facility and the sport is thoroughly enjoying.

CC: How could Contingency Connection add value for your racing program?

GL: No thoughts at this point as they provide a great product, great coverage and really care about all facilities.

CC: How important are banners? Decals? And swag/gifts etc.?

GL: Extremely. The banners provide a professional image to a small scale facility like ours. The swag/gifts are pleasant surprises to provide our racers.

CC: How will you utilize mid-season and end of season bonus and banquet awards?

GL: To enhance the overall experience for our competitors and provide the bonuses they aren't expecting.

CC: How do you see the future of grassroots racing? GL: I believe that through adversity comes success. I firmly believe that once you have a core group of racers and volunteers (in our instance), then you build upon that and continue to push to raise the bar week-by-week and year-by-year. Rome wasn't built in a year - and while we all have our struggles I believe we can persevere.

Gerry Liscumb Jr.

Volunteer - Director of Race Day Operations | PR | Co-Announcer

Kinross Speedpark (Kinross, MI)

Cell: 906-203-1621

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