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Thermo-Tec Introduces New Rogue Line of Basalt Heat Products

Wraps & covers that keep things cool – and look good doing it.

GREENWICH, OHIO: Form and function come together in the all new Rogue Series, an entirely new line-up of basalt heat insulation products from industry leader Thermo-Tec. For 30 years, Thermo-Tec has been the go-to source for heat and sound issue solutions in street performance and racing applications. The new Rogue Series includes T3 and T4 turbocharger covers and kits, 6-inch and 1-foot pipe shields, and 1-and 2-inch by 50-foot exhaust wraps, in both Carbon Fiber and Ricochet Black color schemes. While basalt products have existed in Thermo-Tec’s product catalog for more than three years, the new Rogue Series consolidates them into a single line, shining a well-deserved spotlight on a proven performer that keeps heat where it need to be, and looks good while doing it.

“The new Rogue Series is a great example of appearance meeting performance,” Nick Helms of Thermo-Tec said. “These products can be placed on automobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, and more, plus they provide the dependability you need, with the clean, updated look customers have been asking for.” Basalt is a continuous filament made from volcanic rock, Helms explains. And while its protection properties are similar to those of the fiberglass wrap, the basalt weave holds its appearance over time, resulting in a much nicer overall look for much longer. And Thermo-Tec has put them to the test. “We have been involved in many projects with our new Rogue line,” Helms said. “The products are performing extremely well, and everyone is very happy with their results. We are excited to hear more feedback from customers as the Rogue Series hits the market.”

In addition to its new Rogue Series, Thermo-Tec also markets several other heat barrier products, including exhaust wraps/insulation, coatings and adhesives, sound and heat barriers, as well as heat shields and sleeving. “When customers approach us with some type of sound or heat issue, we can steer them towards multiple products of ours.” Helms said. “Our products are universal, so they can be cut down to size, trimmed to fit, or molded around any surface or component in a vehicle. We have a solution for any type of heat or sound issue you’re going to experience during the building process.” Rogue Series products are made in America and Thermo-Tec is proudly supporting the Wounded Warrior Project with the new line. To learn more, go to

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