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Mallory Releases New Assortment of Ignition Components

Holley is pleased to announce the release of several new ignition products from Mallory, a truly iconic name in racing ignition history that's back and better than ever. Included is a powerful ignition box, three different types of coils, four new distributors, and three unique spark plug wire kits. HYFIRE IGNITION BOXES The HyFire Ignition is a modern capacitive-discharge ignition that delivers powerful electronics in a vintage-style case that's right at home in any classic hot rod engine compartment. Below 3000 rpm, the HyFire produces a series of sparks – not just one – for more power, a smoother idle, instant throttle response, quicker starts, and improved drivability. It provides a powerful spark from idle rpm all the way to the redline and features a built-in rev limiter that's easily adjusted with rotary dials in 100-rpm increments. It accepts triggers from points, magnifiers, and magnetic pickups and is fully compatible with virtually any engine that has a distributor.

PROMASTER S/S IGNITION COILS Compact ProMaster S/S Coils feature efficient E-core windings designed to produce huge amounts of current without sacrificing voltage output. When used with a Mallory HyFire Ignition, they produce 300 milliamps of current and a maximum voltage output of 40,000. Compatible with capacitive-discharge ignitions and some stock applications, they come with a sturdy, durable housing, brass terminals, 90-degree spark plug boots, and special vibration mounts.

PROMASTER CLASSIC SERIES COILS ProMaster Classic Coils are developed to meet the demands of today's modern ignition, with a faster rise time and more spark duration than ordinary stock coils. Ideal for both inductive and CD ignitions, they have oil-filled construction to ensure a long life with no energy loss from arcing. ProMaster Classic Coils feature a glass-filled polyester case, spark plug-style secondary posts, brass contact terminals, and their own mounting brackets.

CHROME CANISTER-STYLE COILS Chrome Canister-Style Coils are a noticeable upgrade from stock coils and are specially designed to boost the performance of Mallory HyFire Ignitions. Special 100:1 windings provide maximum voltage buildup and are held secure and kept cool in the oil-filled metal canister. The tower assembly is molded from durable alkyd material with high dielectric characteristics, and wide-spaced brass primary terminals eliminate arcing and greatly reduce carbon-tracking.

UNILITE DISTRIBUTORS Reliable Unilite Distributors are now available for two new platforms – Ford and Pontiac. The simple three-wire hookup makes running a stock coil, a Mallory coil, and even a Mallory HyFire CD Ignition a snap. Unilite Distributors come complete with a cap and rotor and feature a fully adjustable mechanical advance to create the perfect timing curve for a variety of combinations. A QPQ-coated shaft guided by a ball bearing ensures long life, and the compact housing is perfect for applications where space around a supercharger or firewall is tight.

DUAL-POINT FLATHEAD DISTRIBUTORS Mallory's trusted line of dual-point distributors has been expanded to include two models for Ford Flatheads – one for 3-bolt-mount 1932-41 distributors and one for 2-bolt-mount 1942-48 applications. Both employ special heavy-duty points for increased coil output and RPM range, and both are fully compatible with HyFire CD ignition boxes and Mallory points-specific canister coils (part number 29219).

PRO SIDEWINDER CERAMIC BOOT SPARK WIRE KITS Pro Sidewinder Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wire Kits make burnt plug-wire boots a thing of the past. Specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, their ceramic coating acts as a heat mirror, reflecting infrared energy and heat away from the plug boot. They're available in three distinct versions –straight, 90-degree, and 135-degree – and ideal for applications where space around red-hot headers is at a premium.

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