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Holley News - DiabloSport inTune 3 NOW SHIPPING

We’re pleased to announce that the new inTune i3 performance programmer is NOW SHIPPING! Please take a moment to freshen up on the structure of the new product lineup so you can maximize your sales potential. inTune i3 (50-State Legal & Not CMR Compatible) The redesigned inTune i3 (50-state) lineup brings the same great power, features, and application coverage that has established DiabloSport as the leader for performance enthusiasts. The new i3 lineup will offer 50-state legal SKUs to meet the needs of dealers that want to sell street-legal products in all 50 states. Additionally, the value gets even better for the consumer with the MAP price moving down from $399.95 to $379.95. Equip your customers with a 50-state compliant product that delivers big on features, performance and value all while being street legal in all 50 states. inTune i3 Platinum (CMR Compatible) The team at DiabloSport is loaded with performance enthusiasts addicted to tuning, horsepower, and racing. The i3 Platinum comes pre-loaded with industry-best, Diablo tunes created by experienced, professional calibrators. However, the Diablo crew knows and appreciates the need for custom tunes for those consumers that want to take their vehicle to the next level with additional engine modifications. We understand the need for specifically tailored tunes for select hard part set-ups on your customer's rides. Whether you’ve changed camshafts, headers, forced induction or more, the i3 Platinum is compatible with DiabloSport’s CMR custom tuning software. Offer your customers a tune that can work with any upgrades they may add to their vehicle courtesy of the all-new i3 Platinum. Note: As the attachments indicate, as a reminder, the i2 SKUs no longer carry a MAP price. Please review all materials for additional details.


Call: 1-866-404-6141

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