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Crossroads Dragway opened the weekend with a $1,000 to win Gambler Race on Friday, June 16th.  Tony Virgilio, Cloverdale, IN was the winner over Cody Alumbaugh of Terre Haute, IN.  Alumbaugh was also the sole semi-finalist due to it being a double entry race.  


On Saturday, June 17th Super Pro Class was the highlighted class of the day with the Top Gun Super Pro Race.  The double entry race drew in 60 entries who competed for a Wally as well as prize money.  Semi-finalists were Randy Protz of Vandalia, Il and Jeff Vaughn of Terre Haute, IN.  Adam Phillips, Bruceville, IN was runner-up to Sam Smith of Terre Haute, In.  Smith has been drag racing for over 25 years and this was his first Wally in numerous attempts.  


Pro Class winner was Cody Alumbaugh, Terre Haute, IN for the second week in a row.  Runner-up was Thad Mann also of Terre Haute and the sole semi-finalist was Harold Travioli of West Terre Haute, IN.


Sportsman Class winner was Chad Eaton of Paris, IL over P J Davenport of Terre Haute, IN.  Semi-finalist was Alan Grayless III also from Terre Haute, IN. 


High School Class winner was Caleb Ramsey of Terre Haute, IN over Karson Kuhn of Marshall, IL.


Junior Dragster Class winner was Michael Smith of Rosedale, IN over Tanner Spires of Clinton, IN.  Semi-finalists were twins Mark and Matthew Spires of Dennison, IL.  


There will be no Friday Fun Night on June 23rd due to the rescheduled Tony Hulman Classic at the Terre Haute Action Track.  Saturday, June 24th the feature race will be the 8th Annual Matt Agresta Sportsman Challenge along with Pro, Super Pro, High School and Junior Dragster racing.  Gates open at 10 a.m. and time trials begin at 11:30 a.m.  More information can be found


Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/16/2017
Top Gun Gambler
W: Tony Virgilio ('67 Chevy Camaro) 6.461 - 104.01 (6.45 dial)
R/U: Cody Alumbaugh ('96 Chevy S-10) 7.121 - 94.87 (7.15 dial)
Semi 1: Cody Alumbaugh

Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/17/2017
W: Cody Alumbaugh ('96 Chevy S-10) 7.257 - 93.53 (7.25 dial)
R/U: Thad Mann ('63 Plymouth Sport Fury) 6.431 - 105.36 (6.43 dial) Red Light
Semi 1: Harold Travioli

Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/17/2017
Top Gun Super Pro
W: Sam Smith ('01 Cameron RED) 5.114 - 130.30 (5.11 dial)
R/U: Adam Phillips ('98 S&W Rear Engine Dragster) 5.590 - 120.97 (5.58 dial)
Semi 1: Randy Protz
Semi 2: Jeff Vaughn

Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/17/2017
W: Chad Eaton ('85 Chevy Monte Carlo SS) 7.566 - 83.00 (7.51 dial)
R/U: P J Davenport ('66 Dodge Coronet 440) 4.625 - 88.07 (7.60 dial)
Semi 1: Alan Grayless III

Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/17/2017
High School
W: Caleb Ramsey ('02 Dodge Ram) 11.402 - 56.19 (11.26 dial)
R/U: Karson Kuhn ('05 Dodge Ram 1500) 10.808 - 63.76 (10.48 dial)

Crossroads Dragway
Race Date: 06/17/2017
Junior Dragster
W: Michael Smith ('12 Halfscale Jr Dragster) 8.034 - 74.57 (7.93 dial)
R/U: Tanner Spires ('12 Halfscale Jr Dragster) 8.907 - 73.55 (8.90 dial)
Semi 1: Mark Spires III
Semi 2: Matthew Spires

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