How the Racer Rewards Program Works:

Contingency Connection delivers $50,000-$100,000 in weekly Racer Rewards to member tracks & series helping grassroots racers pay their racing expenses--so they can afford to race more often!  Local racers simply run sponsor decals for products they use (or would like to use) and win money-saving discounts from top performance manufacturers immediately upon their race win.  Contingency Connection also provides end-of-season Championship Bonus & Banquet Awards making the Racer Rewards program a full-season, grassroots rewards program for hometown tracks, series, and racers.

The Contingency Connection includes nearly 100 tracks and traveling series across the USA, 100 performance manufacturers and sponsors, and over 5 million attendees!  Competition includes Dirt & Paved Circle Tracks, Drag Tracks, Tractor Pull, Off-road, Diesel, Road Course, Mud Bogs, Sand Drags, Import, and Motorcycle events. 


It’s the BEST program I have heard of in a long time. I wish the Contingency Connection would have been in place when I was short track racing every weekend!

Kenny Schrader

“The Contingency Connection is the best! It reminds me of when my dad (Rusty Wallace) raced. One of the biggest thrills for our racing family was when we were given free product at our local racetrack."

Kenny Wallace

Contingency Connection is a great way for racers to receive hundreds of dollars in certificates from lots of different companies. It has helped me buy parts I may not have purchased otherwise and has helped me afford to run quality parts on my race car season after season.  

Dana Thompson

Let's just say it pays to win! I have piles of stuff in my garage from past year’s winning with Contingency Connection. Everybody should take full advantage of the upcoming season and know that 98% of the businesses involved are overly nice and super helpful.

Jeffry Freeman

Last season it seemed like we were more concerned about winning "a book" than we were the prize money!  We used Racer Rewards certificates to upgrade everything on the racecar--from the engine to the rear differential! The discounts are second to none and we encourage everyone to take full advantage of this unique program. 

Andy Jamie Schmall

Without Contingency Connection Racer Rewards Sponsors—my son and I could not afford to go racing as often this coming summer. Thank you for supporting grassroots racers.  We need all the help we can get!

John Sherrick & Nathan Sherrick

WOW!  This is a TRUE program for grassroots racers.  The products and certificates that come in the Racer Rewards book are unreal!  The program has truly saved me thousands of dollars and helped me win back to back championships.  Thanks to all sponsors that support the program.  

Rich Potvin

I run Pure Stock at Shady Bowl Speedway in DeGraff, Ohio and I have cashed in on so many Racer Rewards Coupons that I can’t list them all.  I plan to use my rewards coupons to buy parts when I’m upgrading my car and building a new engine for next year.   

Jason Purtee

Thank you for a great program that gives back to the “little guy” racer.  My wife runs street class and she won the "$100 Richmond Gear Weekend Warrior" certificate and we got our gears in the mail today. I run modified class and received $100 off Hooker Headers. Your support helps save us money, so we can do what we love.  

Eddie Adams

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Racer Rewards In The News

Father John Sherrick, two-time champion at National Trail Raceway with “The Gambler” (S-10 Chevy Truck) and “White Lightening” (1980 Mercury Zepher), and his son Nathan Sherrick, two-time Sport Compact Champion at National Trail Raceway (2015 and 2016 stock Colbalt) talk about how Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards program helps get them to the winner’s circle all season long.

“My name is Nathan Sherrick, son of John Sherrick, and I wanted to share a little about our family’s racing history and what programs like Contingency Connection have meant for our success.”

“I am the back-to-back Sport Compact Track Champion at National Trail Raceway. Out of 12 races this year I won 9 times, 1 no show, and 2 runner ups, which is almost a clean sweep. I also placed in a few weekend races as well and was within hundreds of a second for King of the Track”

“I also race nationwide in the Import Facebook tour, where I am a two-time bracket champion, as well as at Milan, MI and Pittsburgh, PA. I am al...

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